Kimberly Englot

Hello! I am Kimberly Englot, the President and Founder of The Center for Authentic Self Development.

Known for my spunky style and my ability to cut through the "Junk," I'm the author of, "The Now of Happiness: Your Official Happiness Formula", contributor to "Success Rituals 2.0: Winning Habits of High Achieving Women (How she does it and how you can do it too!)" and host of the The Now of Happiness radio show.

I am passionate about teaching others to be happy, right now. And through my book and my Happiness Movement website, I'm dedicated to doing just that.

I work with women and entrepreneurs who are sick of settling for the status quo and sick of waiting to be happy "when..."

I guide you to change your perspective and teach you how to take care of YOU, while supporting you during the releasing process.

Other people will try and dump on you when you start to change your life: Saying things like "It must be nice you can do that," and "You're being selfish by putting yourself first," and I'm here as your ally through it!

Learn more about me, my mission, and get your copy of my free eBook Dump The Junk and Be Happy!

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