KrystalGlass is humble, internally and externally beautiful, and more importantly a community servant. KrystalGlass is community oriented and politically engaged; with one foot planted firmly in her community and the other foot in politics-- She's the former Deputy Press Secretary and African American Media Advisor for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). In her role as a part of the Democrats African American voter outreach, KrystalGlass organized and executed the DCCC's first-ever attendance at The Essence Festival (the largest event celebrating African American culture & music in the United States). In addition to politically engaging African American voters, KrystalGlass is a Social Entrepreneur who serves her community through a series of workshops and open-forum discussions held to address issues of concern in the African American community. Her topics explore the intersection of social issues, race relations, black love & relationships, African American identity, and community development. Her latest endeavor is a series of workshops aimed at advancing the dialogue on social issues. To say the least; when it comes to advancing the dialogue KrystalGlass delivers insightful commentary. Take a look at some of the conversations she's facilitated:

Women Opening Doors for Women 2012”- KrystalGlass was invited as the guest speaker for “Getting out the Vote with Women of Color” panel discussion.

The Racial Divide”- A candid conversation with an ethnically diverse panel to discuss race relations with the aim of bridging the racial divide.

"Have His Back"- A grassroots campaign giving voters the tools they need to support President Obama and House Democrats re-election.

"Media Poison"- An open forum conversation challenging media perpetuated stereotypes. Special Guest: Beverly Bond, Founder of Black Girls Rock.