LTG Mary Legere

Since her appointment as the Army’s Senior Intelligence Officer, Lt Gen Mary Legere has driven the Army Intelligence Corps to expand its intelligence and cyber capabilities to better support the Army’s expanding global requirements and to meet the demands of Army Commanders and Soldiers at the edge. While ensuring sustained and responsive support to global operations, Legere drove sustained improvements to the Army’s global information management enterprise, expanded the Army’s multi-disciplined aerial, ground and cyber collection and exploitation capabilities, pioneered initiatives on Open Source intelligence, and introduced enhanced intelligence training to improve the Army’s readiness for deployment.

The chief architect behind the Army’s Intelligence 2020 and Beyond Modernization Strategic Plan, she increased the Army’s ability to leverage the data and expertise of the U.S. Intelligence Community at the edge, gained support for new multidiscipline intelligence organizations to enhance support to the Army’s regional, cyber and special operations commanders, and sponsored initiatives to promote solutions for security clearance reform, migration into the Intelligence Community cloud, and joint and coalition interoperability, sustaining the Army’s long history of contributions to Defense and National Intelligence. As a intelligence strategic planner LTG Mary Legere is very much capable of handling all such responsibilities.