Lady Althaea

Freelance Writer and Professional Witch in New Mexico

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My world is filled with children and magick, highlighted by barefoot walks through the forest, herb basket in hand, gathering treasures as they reveal themselves to me… by late night conversations with trees, the Wind whispering secrets through my hair… by the joy that comes with holding my young daughter’s hands as she calls to our Gods, our Ancestors, and Their presence is clearly felt…

I am fortunate to have grown up in the country, on a small farm, surrounded by animals, trees, and more space than I could ever need. Superstitions abounded, and I was encouraged too many times by older family members to seek out a spirit, find this plant, help with this birth, listen to the Wind… Life was tied to the Land, pulled from the Land, and I understood keenly, at a young age, that the cycle of Life is complicated, filled with loss and gain, and always birth and death. But death is not something to be feared, it is as natural as breath, inescapable, and only one step in a long and winding path…

At this stage in my life, I want to give my children the opportunity to experience life in all the beautiful and varied ways as I did growing up on my family’s farm, the similar experiences my husband had growing up on his family’s land. Together, we recognize the importance and need for the family unit and are doing whatever we can to hold on to those precious lessons, passing them on to our children, hoping that they will do the same. Perhaps I’m a bit of an idealist, and perhaps many would take offense to my choosing to raise my children not only Pagan but within witchcraft, too, but I contend that a life filled with values and traditions brings wholeness to a person. This has been the way of humanity for far longer than we’ve written proof of it: why now should we stop passing on our ways? A light in the darkness, no matter how small, is better than no light at all.

I am an animist, a polytheist, one who’s been walking this path for longer than she hasn’t, and a dedicated priestess to a very special Lady whose presence in my life I am continually grateful for. My personal practice is organic, Land based, and filled with Spirits, conversation, bare feet, and laughter.

My husband and I have six kids together, and he has two from a previous marriage. We live a nomadic, off-grid adventurous lifestyle, staying in the wilderness as much as possible. My family is my world.