Lahouari Aribi

Colorado, United States

Residing in Colorado, Lahouari Aribi brings two decades of management experience to his current position of executive general manager for Top Company, Inc., a leading technology company in Denver. Joining the company in 2004, he oversees sales stateside and abroad, working heavily in Asia and Europe to establish new infrastructures. Lahouari Aribi is tasked with marketing, engineering, finance, business development, and research initiatives. Since accepting this position, he has saved the company money through contract negotiations that eliminated unnecessary expenditures and maximized revenue by identifying new business opportunities. Mr. Aribi also hired new sales and marketing professionals to create a top-caliber team with the potential to increase profits.

Away from work, Lahouari Aribi enjoys following soccer matches, reading, and listening to music. He also likes to watch movies, and his favorite film is James Cameron’s Avatar for its cinematography and ability to communicate and illustrate the culture of a fictional community.

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