Artist, Writer, and Musician in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

LambLion is a self-professed “spirit-pop!” band from Toronto. Fronted by real life couple Danka Scepanovic and Oliver Pigott, the project is lyrically majestic and musically intoxicating. Danka and Oliver’s voices have been described as “distinct and harmonious and their chemistry electrifying.” Somewhere between opposing forces of lamb and lion, modern day class meets a 70’s soul (such beloved couplings as Carter and Cash, Sonny and Cher, come to mind). LambLion is backed by the capable musicianship of bassist Kevin Carney and drummer Dave Love. Collaboration with various artists can often be seen at their live shows. Often they are asked “who is the lamb and who is the lion?” To which they reply, “Let the music be your answer.”