Larkin Callaghan

Global Health and Development Researcher and Strategic Communications Consultant in San Francisco, California

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I completed my doctorate in Health Behavior and Public Health at Columbia University in 2012, where I focused my training on HIV, women's health and disparities, and how those issues interplay with health systems. I have three major focuses - reproductive health; international development and capacity building for health systems in developing countries; and the impact of sexualized violence and trauma. I have research and program practice experience in prevention and intervention research for HIV/STIs, high-risk behavior modification, and the prevalence and presentation of cases of sexualized violence in conflict. I completed a public health journalism fellowship at Columbia, where I was trained to translate public health research and epidemiological trends into messaging and communications for policy, advocacy and programs.

Following this, I directed the global health education and training programs at the Stanford School of Medicine, working with clinicians and researchers to develop and launch projects in 10+ developing countries in Africa, South America, and Asia; I also was a professor of global health research methods. I then became managing director of the UCSF-Gladstone NIH-funded Center for AIDS Research, focused on HIV research development and scaling up international partnerships in Eastern and Southern Africa. I subsequently served as the Deputy Project Director for Implementation for the PHIA Project, a CDC-funded PEPFAR surveillance project spanning 13 sub-Saharan countries at ICAP at Columbia, assessing PEPFAR's contributions to reducing HIV incidence, increasing viral load suppression, and upping the number of HIV-infected persons on treatment. In each of these roles, I oversaw project partnerships with foreign governments, ministries of health, federal agencies, and partners in country. I now direct strategy, communications, and partnerships for the AIDS Research Institute at UCSF.

I continue to work as a freelance writer and strategic communications consultant, and have been a contracted NIH grant writer. As a UN correspondent I worked with country missions, ambassadors, and press secretaries; as a research reporter for Women Under Siege I codified some of the earliest cases of sexual violence in Syria's civil war. With bylines and as a ghostwriter, I translate epidemiological, development, and policy research, craft talking points and speeches, and advise on pressers, media strategies, and PR for global health groups and N

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