Albert RIOS

Dorado Puerto Rico

Retired after over forty years in a major Wall Street Financial Institution.

Owner/President of Rentalbot LTD; a Delaware corporation formed in 2006 to manage Owner/Manager Villas de Costa Mar vacation/corporate rentals in Dorado, Puerto Rico. own designed and developed,, and a few other websites.

Webmaster certified at the University of Delaware in 2002, my time/days are spent staying up to date on new technology via online training courses, managing my companies and websites. Staying current with technology is my secret to a succesful career in the finance world.

I design, develop and build online businesses. Learining and applying easier ways to do things online for my daily business task and responsibilities.

Obstacles are welcome challenges as I thrive on solving problems/issues that come up when I am in development mode. I am always thinking of new ways todo things, then comes the fun part of resolving and implementing solution.

We travel to Puerto Rico yearly to manage and enjoy our properties. My interest are travel, fine dining, photography, web design/development, art. and tinkering with technology. Presently working on cutting the cable bill; I am 50% there. Next projects are Drobo/Nas and saving my movie collection to digital; and whatever else comes to mind as I come closer to completing projects...

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    • Retired from Corporate World
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