Laura Helen Winn

Independent Designer in San Francisco, California

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I'm Laura Helen Winn, a designer and photographer in San Francisco! For the last 6 years, a personal design studio and ublic art practice continue to expand.

For the last 12 years, my work's been dedicated to designing for tiny startups, large companies, and everyone in between. My clients include Google, Facebook, Apple, OpenTable, and local joints like Hello Elephant & Rice Paper Scissors.

I spent two years as an interaction designer at Smart Design, designing and researching ideal experiences. Before that, I was the second designer at, where my contributions helped grow our user base to one million people.

My work is best when I can flow from UX to visual design, collaborate with engineers on implementation, and access data about how our work is performing. If I can chat with folks for qualitative research too, that's icing on the product design cake!

I'm especially skilled at communicating with product managers, engineering leads, and stakeholders to make sure all the product requirements are met, shippable, and contributing to larger product goals.

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