Lauren McCabe

Writer, yoga teacher, and digital strategist in New Orleans, Louisiana

Lauren McCabe

Writer, yoga teacher, and digital strategist in New Orleans, Louisiana

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Hi There. I'm Lauren.

I'm a brand strategist / writer / yoga teacher.

Call me mermaid.

You see, mermaids are the dreams that sailors glimpse but never capture.

I'm no sailor.

I'm the mermaid living and being my dreams.



Digital Storytelling / Mermaid Chronicles: Tales on travel, work & love

Mermaid Chronicles started as a travel blog in 2008, a year when my single goal in life was simple: Travel. Everything I did led exactly to that.

Since then, I have traveled and not traveled and traveled again. Worked and not worked and started a company and worked for someone else again. Things have gotten messy, things have worked themselves out, and things have gotten messy again.

What we need to navigate this tumult of life is advice that is enduring: wisdom. And what better creatures to whisper wisdom of time immemorial than mermaids?

On my website, I write prose, non-fiction and everything in between. I photograph travels, New Orleans and the world around me. I piece together life through observation and exposition, and I work with high-integrity, high-impact organizations to tell their stories, too.



Baptiste Power & Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

To enjoy New Orleans to the fullest, I believe that you must balance our extraordinary food with healthy pursuits. I teach yoga to build community in New Orleans through health, mindfulness and physical activity.

I offer studio-based classes at Free To Be Power Yoga and private on-site corporate wellness yoga at businesses throughout the Crescent City. Interested? Get in touch:


K10 on the Levee: Yoga & Music

On the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, I created a transformational, commemorative experience using the tools I know best: yoga and music.

The concept was simple: ten years ago the levee broke. Ten years later our community will stand on the levee as one strong New Orleans, healing, moving and breathing as one.

Engaging fourteen yoga studios and a range of local musicians, the day began with sunrise meditation and yoga and culminated with a powerful sunset yoga benefit concert.

In between, yoga studios hosted classes, meditation and music on the levee for the community to partake in.

Over 1,000 people attended the event, and 100% of all donations went to Common Ground Relief, a non-profit in the lower ninth ward that creates resilient Gulf Coast communities through wetland restoration.