Donna Marie Johnson

leadership coach and author in Atlanta, Georgia

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Author of "Small Biz Big Impact But How?"

[WATCH KINDLE BOOK TRAILER] - See an extended excerpt of my book on the leadlikeaqueen business blog. If you like it, get it for free (as a Kindle Unlimited subscriber) and let me know, in your honest opinion, which parts are helpful or if you have any questions or feedback.

I am a leadership coach and small business consultant serving small business leaders - including non-traditional leaders like spousal caregivers - globally.

How can you Lead Like a Queen? It is a Responsibility mindset more than a Privilege mindset. My recent book covers 4 basic areas you can work on to start improving your small business leadership, starting with improving yourself first. It includes a self-assessment to help you pinpoint where to start your leadership transformation journey.

~ Donna Marie Johnson

Author / Coach / Consultant