Lee Alverson

Las Vegas- Orlando- New York City- Philadelphia-

Musician/Performer/Composer - Lee Alverson has been entertaining audiences around the world since 1990.

A gifted stage performer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist, Lee Alverson has shared the stage with Barry Manilow & The Beach Boys, starred as The Phantom of the Opera, and composed music for TV & Film projects which include writing the official theme for "The American Bald Eagle Foundation and acclaimed score for The Flight 93 Memorial (9/11 Anniversary). Lee's showmanship, versatile singing voice & mastery of the piano has made him a favorite attraction with over 3,000 international performances which include regular appearances in the showbiz meccas of Las Vegas , New York, & LA.

Currently, Lee is recognized as one of the world's premier Elton John Tribute Artists: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xg0KtlYDZUg&feature=youtube_gdata_player The success of the act has enabled him to take on the roles of other rock legends which include Billy Joel & Jerry Lee Lewis.

As a composer, he has provided scores for video, film, television & commercial projects. In 2011 his compostion "Flight of the Eagle" was adopted as the official song of The American Bald Eagle Foundation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agf5TVJqsZg Other highlights include writing the majestic score "Innocence Lost" for The Flight 93 National Memorial 9/11 Anniversary. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-1JQMt5ONY The song has also been included in a John F. Kennedy Documentary film project. In 1995, Lee's music was featured in the TV special "Once Upon a Time - A Bridal Tale". To date, his song "Our Wedding Day" has been featured in dozens of video specials and is a favorite selection played at ceremonies throughout the world. To his credit, Lee Alverson compositions have surpassed One Million YouTube Views.