Lee, Wen H


Hi my name is Lee, Wen H. I am a student of life. I am learning something new every day. If you are not living you are dying. I am a disciple of God. I put my Faith in my Lord, for my Lord has faith in me. I am blessed to have an abundance of wisdom & wealth. I am happy to be an expert negotiator. I help better everyone to come to agreement & benefit all parties. I am thankful to be a master communicator, in Cantonese, English, & Mandarin. It’s wonderful to be able to relate & share your experience, with new friends in any language. I am an explorer of this amazing planet. I love to travel & make new friends. I am a former Chef at the #1 in the world, Executive Fine Dining according to Financial Times. I am grateful for this experience. I was also fortunate to apprentice with Iron Chef disciple. Now, that I have left the cook industry. I was able to learn a lot about different cultures & all the wonderful food. From this experience I will miss the great team of friends. I have also work with some fortune 500 company like, Apple, VMware, & Google. I am pursuing to be a Shaolin Warrior. I will train 3 types of martial art, Tai Chi Chen, Wing Chug, & Baji. I will also learn 3 weapons Cane, 3 Section Stick, & Fan Forms, I think it would be great if everyone learn Kung Fu. It’s a great way to stay health & protect yourself & understand yourself. It can also be a great discipline. I am most grateful to be a Business Mastermind & a Multi-Millionaire Investor. One of better investments would be with my Restaurants, Factory, & My friends. As a millionaire it’s not all about the fancy cars, pretty girls, & nice houses. It how you grow your investment, I had to learn the hard way. Making money has always been easy to me, saving is my challenge. Now After making all this money I hope to help & better this world by impacting this world with the love God gave us. I dedicated as my life goal to making this world a better place. Join me, let's build success together. We can do anything we set our mind too. Let's make this world a better place for everyone.

Take Care & Have a Awesome Day

-Lee Wen H

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