Chris Rebele

New York

Where do I begin? Soy un perdedor, nena.

I've been an undergrad at the University of Life for just under 27 years. My major's major. I'm focused on focusing more.

I've been told I'm a shit talker, Facebook stalker and some people even have the nerve to call me a derelict and an ingrate. You can feel the love already, huh? I'm what some people may call a pervert but, really, it's 2013 so who doesn't like some ass and titties?

I'm a total beast when it comes to business... Not because I work hard but because I follow through til the very end. I will literally ride out til the wheels fall off.

I advise you to walk a mile in my shoes before you judge me -- you might learn a thing or two. My motto is "Don't just survive, thrive." Fuck a YOLO.

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