Leigh Richards

I am looking to find a position with an innovative fashion retailer where I can provide value while utilizing and further developing my skills in the fashion merchandising industry.

I received a Bachelor's of Science degree from Western Michigan University in 2010 with a Textile and Apparel Studies major and a minor in Business. I also attended American Intercontinental University in London to further my fashion knowledge. While in college, I was an Executive Board Member of MODA (Merchandising Opportunities Design Association)

For two years, I have worked for Parigi Group LTD., New York, New York, as a Fashion Merchandising Coordinator. Due to the economy, Parigi laid off the entire merchandising team. I loved working for Parigi and value the experience.

Currently, I am managing an upscale fashion boutique in Royal Oak, Michigan. My goal is the further my career in the fashion industry.