Leigh Winters

Writer, Director, and Social Media Manager in Wellington, New Zealand

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Recointel Founding CEO, Creative Thinker, Music Promoter, EDM Producer BornKiwi and Bonsai Enthusiast.

I often lose people when I try to explain what it is I actually do as it's foreign to my closest. I love the creative aspect along with the challenge of working online. I'm proud of where I am in life, love my friends who are also family.

I enjoy what I do in SEO, advertising, online marketing and branding. "Finding Your Audience" is the company motto, and creating new projects such as this one for advertisers and ad publishers. I'm continually looking for more opportunities to move into where I can help people get noticed like another for music promotion, and with others in mind and under way like VieStreme. I sometimes provide SEO content marketing services for clients websites, branding and social media marketing. I'm passionate toward work in search engine optimization, and if your site needs it you can find free help here at ChecSEO. I enjoy analysing all aspects from site meta optimization in correlation with the front page content to improve the websites rank in search engine placement for their niche, toward a specific target audience through keyword search queries while sending them up toward page one with online marketing and achieving the desired results gives me such a buzz that I forget to take a breath or even cut this sentence into two. See you on the other side.

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