Ottoniel Lind

United States

Born in the spring and its development during his childhood was spent properly. He was very disciplined and instilled good principles and which obtained excellent schools. When I was in high school was the winner to participate in a cultural trip to Mexico by the Office of Youth Affairs to promote cultural relations between peoples. It was an enriching and valuable in my development. From a young age he worked in several summers through the Program Management Labour. Exercising various community functions as embellishment, adornment, manual skills and tutoring. This work is mainly carried out in fields, parks and schools. He was a member of the Marketing course in the upper grades, developing skills towards employability. Then he finished his general studies at a higher level, a significant achievement in his development as an individual and part of the transition to the workplace. Then he studied Accounting and later cares for the banking industry. And then to received to Certificate as Integrated Banking courses at the Institute of Banking and Commerce. After much thought decided to make a career in education. After five years of studied earned his Bachelor's Degree in secondary education. Having just completed began working in several private schools in PR received while teacher certification given by the Department of Education. Similarly he has worked in various educational alternatives such as Accelerated Schools Program. At the same time I work as a tutor with educational enterprises. Meanwhile, start a Master's Degree in Special Education General to understand to need that requires the teacher to acquire the right skills to meet the exceptional children. During the past fourth years he worked as an educator serving children with special needs. As part of their professional growth has participated in several training workshops tempering the educational needs of the students of this generation. Largely believe that education to the forward through which we sensitive soul, enrich the mind and culture, develops training and the parallel process that leads to critical thinking and broad dimensions in which the environment is perceived. The talent and the human contribution to society is us so that we can use the available resources provided to have a better quality of life with equal opportunities for all.

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