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Here at My Thoughtful Place Ministry Family Network, we ask Jesus to slow us down [to unplug us], to show us how to listen with our whole heart offering our full attention and to have a front row seat to all kinds of evidence of God's work.

A personal example, my husband & I moved out to God's countryside in Leaf River, Illinois away from the distractions & sounds of the city. My husband, originally from Iraq, had a dream of living out in the peace of the country in a stone home surrounded by no less than 10 acres of land & a few animals. God blessed us with this farmstead in April of 2008. He brought us 'city folk' out here to His countryside where we can hear, see, & know Him better. The home was built from stone in 1843. There is 14 acres with a playful creek winding itself through the land dividing it into three sections. We started with goats. Now, we have sheep.

It has been an amazing life experience to acclimate our daily tasks & life to our new surroundings. We have witnessed first hand God's incredible artistry & majesty with the changing of the seasons. He has literally touched our faces with His merry little breezes. The most fascinating part of living out in the country is the wonderment of the ever changing life cycle. It is a joy to see the life of the new babies: the sheep having lambs, our Great Pyrenees dog having puppies, and the cats having kittens. Along with the sorrow of loss: losing our Great Pyrenees Juliet to the heat in Summer of 2012, a cat being hit by car out on the road, the loss of a lamb who was not strong enough to survive and the loss of our first male Great Pyrenees Bernard to an infection.

No matter what is happening around us, the Lord has been with us along the way. We can hardly wait for the next opportunity to see Him in action.

With blessings, My Thoughtful Place Ministry® Family Network.

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