Leona Landers

At her private San Francisco optometry practice, Dr. Leona Landers endeavors to provide compassionate and efficient eye care services for individuals with a variety of conditions. Offering services for both children and adults, Dr. Landers and her staff conduct thorough examinations to test for color and depth perception, field of vision, and external health. Dr. Leona Landers also remains available for consultations regarding laser correction, and she can determine whether individuals suffer from glaucoma or cataracts. A board-certified optometrist, she studied at several institutions on the West Coast, including the University of California, Berkeley; the University of Oregon; and the University of California, Santa Cruz. Dr. Leona Landers obtained her DO in 1983 at the University of California School of Optometry and opened her private practice three years later. A committed member of her profession, Dr. Leona Landers contributes to the field of optometry in numerous ways. With considerable experience fitting all manner of contact lenses, she belongs to American Optometric Association's Contact Lens section and has participated in clinical investigations for a number of manufacturers. In addition, she presided over San Francisco Optometry Association and lent her expertise to the California State Board of Optometry. Other organizations with which she holds membership include California Optometric Association. At Leona Landers and Associates, Dr. Landers has assisted countless patients who have low vision and macular degeneration. She also treats far and nearsightedness, as well as presbyopia. Her website features comprehensive information about LASIK procedures, vision therapy, and even exercises that individuals can do to improve their vision. To learn more about her qualifications and experience or read about payment options, visit DrLeonaLanders.com.