Lexi Parrott

Lexi Parrot is a well known and respected hypnotherapist who is based in Northwest Portland in Oregon. For more than thirteen years, Lexi Parrot has been operating a private practice in which she helps individuals to access, communicate with, and connect to their subconscious in order to confront certain issues and live out healthier and more productive lives. Lexi Parrot's goal is always to ensure that her patients live a healthier life. If you have tried to transform areas of your life and were disappointed by your efforts, then seeing Lexi Parrot for a consultation is the next logical step. She can help where others have failed.Hypnotherapy is often lampooned in television and in the movies, but it is important to recognize that this is not a reflection of reality. Hypnotherapy is actually a well respected form of therapy that has been recognized by the American Medical Association for more than thirty years.