Angela Donner

Indianapolis, IN

A former librarian in my life before kids, I started Library Girl Reads & Reviews in 2008 as a book review blog.

Life has changed considerably in the past 6 years. Although I haven't lost my love for reading, I have less time to read for my own enjoyment. While book reviews are fewer and farther between, I still love promoting authors and often do so by letting them take over the blog for a day.

Family life with two kids has given me new topics to blog about as well. I now cover it all from diapers to snacks to family adventures and everything in between. I'm in a constant state of evolution and still finding my voice. I get to be a part of the book blogging community, the mommy blogging community, and the Indiana blogging community.

This may not have been the life I envisioned years ago when I finished up my Master's degree but today I couldn't imagine anything more perfect. The possibilities are endless...

  • Education
    • MLIS from the University of Southern Mississippi