Shelley Broadway

Shelley has been a ‘nut’ for as long as anyone can remember. While her mother was carrying Shelley, her father would tap out ‘shave and a haircut’ in Morse code, and get a reply from the womb. She has the completely useless ability to recall practically every joke she’s ever heard. She has the gift of gab, can carry on conversations about nothing, and loves to make people laugh.

She is the youngest of three siblings, a sister, Paige, and a brother, Mickey. Growing up, her family moved many times. Shelley’s lack of shyness helped her cope with the moves because she was easily able to make new friends in a short amount of time. They lived in Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Virginia, but Georgia was always considered ‘Home’. She was an average student who often got in trouble for talking during class, and went on to graduate college with a Computer Degree.

Shelley met and subsequently married her husband, Tom, in February 1999. They are happily married, laughing a lot with their sons, Harrison and Brinson. Harrison, born in Fall 2000 and Brinson, born in Winter 2003 are both schooled from home. They currently live in Middle Georgia.

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