Lilia Weslaty

Tunisia, Tunis

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🔑 Tunisian/COTW (Citizen Of The World)/ journalist, human rights activist ;
🔑 Author of the 📖 : "Without rights" made with the collaboration of Damj NGO ;

🔑 Ex Editor-In-Chief @Nawaat & @Webdo_tn & Editor @justiceinfonet

🔑 Ex Communication Officer @CONECT Tunisian Confederation of Citizen Entreprises

🔑 Entrepreneur /Real State Agent @RE/MAX Tunisia

🔑 Communication Officer @AdalaAll NGO

🔑 Contributor @IEMed ( European Institute of the Mediterranean )

🔑 Writer “en devenir” …

🔎 Interested into Human Rights- Focus on SWANA region | Tunisia & Libya.

Experiences & Key qualifications 👌

• Former editor-in-chief for the award-winning independent and Tunisian website from October 2011 till September 2013 then editor-in-chief for till 2015, focusing on training for journalists, planning, coordination ;

• Media and press: writing articles and providing social and political analysis for several national and international media, mainly in Arabic and French, and particularly in the field of transitional justice, the judiciary institution, and the constitutional process after the revolution in 2011;

• Support to UNDP projects publications /2015/: research background information for UNDP about the constitutional process ;

• Information and communication: design, planning, and implementation of information, digital strategy, and communication actions; coordination and review of actions; partnership building; enhancement of project’s visibility and awareness;

• Experience in organizing meetings, interviews, and seminars;

• Excellent knowledge of liaison skills with ministries, local government, associations, and media agencies;

• Design, and update data for audiovisual materials and webs.


🖊️ [email protected]

Twitter : @liliopatra

Signal /WhatsApp: 07 50 15 92 17

  • Education
    • T.M.C. Asser Instituut (The Netherlands)
    • Faculté des Sciences humaines et sociales de Tunis
    • Faculté des Lettres, des Arts et des Humanités de
    • Swedish Institute (Sweden)