Lindsay Powell

Writer, Historian, and Reporter in Austin, Texas

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Lindsay Powell writes about real people and events of the past. "The true stories of history are often stranger than the ones told in fiction, and are more compelling precisely because they actually happened," says Lindsay.

A historian and writer, Lindsay has a particular passion for the social, political and military history of the Roman Empire. Best selling author Ben Kane writes: "Powell is rapidly establishing himself as one of the leading authors of Roman nonfiction."

Lindsay is the news editor of Ancient Warfare and Ancient History magazines. He has written for Military Heritage, Strategy & Tactics and the Spanish language Desperta Ferro. He also contributes to The History Network and His appearances include BBC Radio, Dan Snow's HistoryHit, BFBS Radio, and History Channel.

He has taught at University of Texas at Austin, presented at University of Durham, and lectured at University of Reading.

Published Fall 2021 is Bar Kokhba: The Jew Who Defied Hadrian and Challenged the Might of Rome from Pen and Sword Books. In a fast-paced historical quest, Lindsay goes in search of the rebel whose legend helped found a new nation: the State of Israel. It includes a foreword specially written by Eric H. Cline.

His previous books include Bar Kokhba War, AD 132-136 for Osprey Publishing. It was an Amazon UK bestseller (July 2017) in three categories: History of Israel; History of Palestine; and Revolutions and Coups.

Augustus at War: The Struggle for the Pax Augusta is a new and penetrating assessment of Caesar Augustus as ancient Rome's military commander-in-chief, with a foreword specially written by Karl Galinsky (Pen and Sword Books, August 2018).

The critically acclaimed Marcus Agrippais a study of the life of Caesar Augustus' right-hand man (Pen and Sword Books. 2015). It is the first biography of this Roman VIP in English in over 80 years, and includes a foreword by Steven Saylor. The book was an Amazon UK best seller in historical biographies BCE-500 AD (March 2015, revised edition 2021).

His other works include Eager for Glory (Pen and Sword Books, 2011, second edition 2013) and Germanicus (Pen and Sword Books, 2013, second edition 2016). Combat: Roman Soldier versus Germanic Warrior(Osprey Publishing, 2014) was an Amazon UK Bestseller in Ancient Roman History (August 2014).

Originally from Wales, Lindsay divides his time between Austin, Texas and Wokingham, England.