Lindsey Stone

A professional working in the human services field, Lindsey Stone currently teaches communication skills to children with autism spectrum disorders and helps them become more integrated in their communities. She takes pride in helping to enrich the children’s lives and in enabling them to connect more effectively with other people. Over the years, Lindsey Stone has worked with a broad range of children and young adults, from young preschoolers to mostly independent adults.

Aside from her professional activities, Lindsey Stone is an avid fan of many different types of music, including hip-hop and Top 40. She considers Australian rapper Iggy Azalea one of her favorite new artists and admires her perseverance in the face of criticism. Lindsey Stone acquired her love of music at young age; the Beastie Boys and the Beach Boys represented two of her early favorites. In the 1990s, she became a fan of Nirvana and began learning how to play the guitar, bass, and drums as a result. She continued to feed her passion for music and went on to follow alternative bands such as Garbage, The Smashing Pumpkins, Veruca Salt, Liz Phair, and more.

In recent years, Lindsey Stone has taken an interest in artists such as Jay-Z and Beyoncé. She recently attended the Summer Jam hip-hop festival, which featured the likes of Drake, Ludacris, Nicki Minaj, and Trey Songz. Stone plans to attend the next installment of the festival to see artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Juicy J, Lil Jon, and B.o.B.