Lisa Cardone

Student, Mother, and Small Business Owner in New York

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I have neither honors nor higher education degrees (but I'm working on one). However, the experience I have gained throughout the years and the many hats I've worn in my life have made me what I am today. I've cleaned homes and waited tables. Worked in various positions such as bookkeeping, modeling, cottage industry, and network marketing. Owned my first business at age 23 and taught my children at home. I married once and have been married to the same man for 32 years (I consider that an accomplishment and an honor!) Although I strive to succeed in business, the only success that truly matters to me has already been achieved. Each time I see my beautiful children and grandchild smile or laugh, I revel in the joy of succeeding to have provided my children with a happy life. When I am told how pleasant and special my children are, I agree and feel successful in having taught my children to be kind, respectful and loving. If I can succeed as a parent, any other goal I have in life is a “piece of cake!”

And that goal is helping as many people as I can Feel Better, Look Better and Live Better. So, if you are one of those people, leave a message or if you have a business card from me, send me a text.