Lisa Marie "Phoenix" Jackson

Brooklyn, New York, United States

CEO, Phoenix Aficionado Inc.

Program Director, The iFashion Panel

Director of Digital Strategy, Highbrid Media LLC


Lisa Marie “Phoenix” Jackson is a tenured professional who developed a knack for building online relationships and helping her employers acquire delegates by using social media. As a direct result, Phoenix launched Phoenix Aficionado Inc, a woman-owned creative marketing consultancy with a specialty in tailoring social media campaigns for Independent Fashion, Lifestyle Brand, and Higher Education verticals. Due to her talents as a social media consultant, she was appointed as Director of Digital Strategy for Highbrid Media LLC, a multicultural advertising firm that specializes in hyper-local campaigns throughout the Tri-State Area. Last yet far from least, Phoenix also founded and is the Program Director of an iFashion Panel series for fashion professionals of diversity to expand their independent brands to interactive opportunities.

As a grand prize winner of the Black Enterprise and Dell Small Business University competition, Lisa Marie "Phoenix" Jackson was featured in Black Enterprise Magazine’s November 2012 issue and on in February of this year! Phoenix Aficionado Inc. has since expanded from a regional client base to a national level.

  • Work
    • Founder and Ceo
  • Education
    • Berkeley College