Litfire Publishing

2090 Dunwoody Club Dr #106-07 Atlanta, GA 30350

Founded in 2008, LitFire started as a publisher of digital books. We help a number of authors turn their digital publishing dreams into reality. And as time passed by, we have published hundreds of titles and

have established more than 50 publishing partners.

With our great success in the eBook market, LitFire decided to enter the competitive industry of self-

publishing in 2014. Now, we have expanded our services to include editorial, design and promotion for

all independent authors and self-publishers like you. All our professional services are offered at a

comparatively lower price to avoid blowing your budget.

Since our mission is to exceed your expectations, we opened two offices – one in Albuquerque, New

Mexico and another in Atlanta, Georgia. Both offices house a team of experienced writers, copy editors, designers, web developers, publishing specialists and marketing professionals. We make sure that

everyone is dedicated enough to provide quality service to establish a long-term relationship with our


We can produce high-quality paperbacks, hardcovers and eBooks. We offer a unique marketing strategy

to help your book stand out in the market. And we have a range of special publishing services to get

your book into the hands of readers everywhere.