Liviu Caliman

Dublin, Ireland

Cultural creative, transformational innerpreneur living a blessed and purposeful life.

► My life purpose is to live from the level of my higher self, to love, inspire, empower and serve others to be the best they can be and, together with other people, to contribute in my own way - whatever small or big this will turn out to be - to making our world better: for us as people, for our societies, the planet, and future generations. To be the change and help make a difference living an authentic, meaningful, fulfilled, blessed and rich life.

► I am currently doing research, concept and prototype work, and testing for my projects on self leadership, intentional living, life management, planning, productivity, achievement and - obviously - social transformation. Together with my personal experiences and stories, this will be followed by books, products and services.

► I care about the world we live in, about personal and social well-being and international/world peace.

My long-term Peace Leadership project aims to establish an accredited niche university: a world model for inclusive, student centered, meaningful & fulfilling higher education with a clear set of goals: to support its students find their calling and live their true potential; and to empower them to become a global network of local and international leaders - thinkers and doers - that will help build a peaceful, fair/just and sustainable world, contributing to the transition to a consciously evolving humanity.

If you like the idea and would like to discuss about bringing it to reality, investing in this project, shaping its future programs, creating or providing an innovative academic and/or experiential learning, or a collaboration or partnership, please get in touch.

► Having found out about disturbing developments in my native country, I actively supported (since September 2013) what has become the biggest social and environmental movement after the fall of the communist dictatorship. Then, in 2015, I co-founded a group to facilitate dialogue and cooperation between various activists and civic groups to support a deep systems change in Romania, being actively involved until end 2018.

► For more details, please see my LinkedIn profile.

► If this presentation resonates with you, you are welcome to connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook - please mention that you visited this page.

Thank you for your time and interest/curiosity. May you find your blessings and have a wonderful day!