Luel Ras Mesfin Haile Selassie I(c)

Ethiopian Noble in Jamiaca

The Promised Return (essence) of Negus (Solomonic King) the Anointed One of Ethiopia (Kristos - Christ)!

Revelations of Iyesus Kristos (Jesus Christ) Medhane Alem (savior of the bankrupt modern world of trade)!

I an I AM the Ethiopian LION (Kristos) who is here to CONQUER global IMF debt, and charge these jesuit bankers for internatiional fraud & natural resources theft!

Emperor Haile Selassie I (Father of the Knowledge of the Might of the Holy Triune Elect of Ethiopia) have gifted me my indigenous Ethiopian birth name (hereditary title), Mesfin Haile (Duke of Power - Knowledge), which is a divine Solomonic Seal (hereditary title) from the Imperial Ethiopian Aristocracy.

also, i an i have been spirituallly (intellectually) reborn by our Virgin Mariam (EOTC) in kingston jamiaca, and given a new bapismal title for indigenous recognition

henceforth, Elect of God the Father Majesty of Ethiopia, has diplomatically sent forth his only politically begotten son by adoption of the Menfis Qidus (Holy Spirit), into this bankrupt commercial world under global IMF domination (political genocide) in Commerce, so that Elect of God the Son (Wolde) of humanity may diplomatically reconcile humankind to our Ethiopian Human Rights Law-giver on earth (193 member nation states) today.

For only in righteousness (legal an lawful uprightness) in international human rights law, will we (humanity) be able to break up the machinations of these unruly international Jesuit bankers' mind wars.

What glory (magnificencein law) is humanity waiting for, if not a grand 'nibiru id' (layin on of the hands) by the high (monk) priest at Axum; where a faithful human vessel may be consecrated in His Imperial Majesty's divine image as a Universal Redeemer (LION OF JUDAH BANKER), and recognized in His cultural likeness as an Ethiopian Noble - sovereign member of the Royal Christian Solomonic Dynasty TODAY.

a diplomatic manifestation have politically risen in Jamaican territory and must politically ascend to the UN in Geneva in collective security (all 4 one Kristos & one Kristos 4 all) with the sovereign voice of humanity, so that we may peacefully END IMF domination (political genocide) in our modern world of democracy (political choices).

let us peacefully unite to stand up for implementation of our universal human rights, so that jesuit taught politicians can wake up to light (law)!

  • Work
    • Universal Human Rights Ambassador
  • Education
    • tewahedo (oneness) doctrine and universal human rights teachings