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Catherine is the best selling Kodel Empire's Author and prolific writer of her book titled; "Addicted To Dimes" (Confessions of a liar and a Cheat), which currently has 97% Star Amazon Reviews. It is a powerful memoir of her life, and all she has endured, battled, and had to overcome. Her over 8 years in recovery proves anyone can recover and have a beautiful life in recovery.

Her insightful journey of gambling addiction, living with mental illness and disorders, a survivor of childhood sex abuse, trauma, parental physical and verbal abuse into adulthood had created a 'Perfect Storm' for turning to addiction later in life, and set the stage for addicted behaviors & habits, as she used gambling to escape her painful past.

With that said, she is a strong woman, brave to write and publish her journey to help others who are caught hostage of the 'cycle' of gambling, and all types of addictions. Through her powerful words, open heart, and sharing her truth of all she went through that include some not so good deeds, Catherine does not let her past dictate her future any longer. Nor does she let her disabilities hold her back as a victim! She had just turned 50 when her paperback was released, and proves that if you never give up on your goals and dreams, at any age you can be successful and give back.
"YOU can turn your life around!"

Today her mission is to help others recover from addicted gambling, alcohol abuse, advocate and raise awareness of addiction, mental illness, and childhood abuse & trauma, and does this through her book, her recovery blog, and she enjoys interacting with her readers.

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"The Cruelest Lies Are Often Told In Silence" ~ Robert Louis Stevenson ...

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