Blanchard, Oklahoma

I am a Mother of two boys, Adonis Malachi, He lives with me and Alexander Jordan was Adopted. (Big decision but I made the right one.) I am Vegan, I am a Lesbian, <3 My Wife Danielle Scott :) I am not Religous, I am an Animal Lover, I am a Sister, I am Tattooed, I am a Graphic Designer, I am a Dreamer, I love to Smile, I am a Gamer Girl, I am Cherokee Indian, I am an Artist, I have a Good Heart, I am in Love, I am Beautiful, I am a Nerd, I am a Carhop, I have Borderline Personality Disorder, I am Healthy, I am very Goal Oriented, I am Not a Drinker, I am Funny, I am a Daughter, I am a Singer, I have Five Piercings, I am a Hard Worker, I am a very Opptimistic Person, I am very Emotional and Sensitive, I am a Non Smoker. I am Perfectly Unperfect, I am Happy.

  • Work
    • Sonic Drive-In
  • Education
    • Mustang High School
    • Canadian Valley Technology Center