Q: Is there any way I can download your songs?

A: There is, but I cannot endorse them nor will I be able to provide you with download links under any circumstance due to copyright/theft/morality issues.

Q: Will you promote me on your channel?

A: Unless you happen to be a producer, I'm afraid I cannot. I'm a strong believer in earning your own popularity; with enough patience, you could do the same.

Q: What program do you use to make your songs?

A: I don't "make" or otherwise produce songs. I "Nightcore" them; Nightcore is another name for speed edits, and you can more learn about it here. I use Wavepad Sound Editor to Nightcore my songs. If you're interested in creating Nightcore songs of your own, read the tutorial I made. Any videos that aren't labeled as Nightcore are simply songs I enjoy and would like to share with others; they have artists (you can find them in the video tags), which aren't me.

Q: Where do you get the pictures you use in your videos?

A: I get all of my pictures from, an imageboard for anime wallpapers. Be warned as there is inappropriate content there.

Q: Who made your YouTube background?

A: My friend makes all my YouTube backgrounds. Unfortunately, they aren't interested in making backgrounds for others. A Google search for "youtube backgrounds" will bring you to a lot of sites with premades that look just as well, if not better.

Q: What program do you use to make your videos?

A: Sony Vegas Pro 10.

Q: Why do your videos have "Maikel631" in the corner when your username is Maikel6311?

A: Maikel6311 isn't my first YouTube channel. My 1st account was maikel631, which got terminated for copyright issues. I moved to Maikei631 (capital i) and that one eventually got terminated for the same reason. Most people still know and refer to me as Maikel631, so that's the name I go by.