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Blurring the gender lines, I am a stone Butch lesbian from southern Maine. The US Army afforded me the opportunity to see the world, to fire some awesome weapons, learn how to be a leader as well as how to drink like a fish! After my service to my country I moved around a bit, developed and then kicked a bad drug habit and found out I was HIV positive in August of 1992. Today Iam healthy and active today thanks to modern medicine and powerful anti-retroviral drugs.

I love to read, write and discuss. I am especially passionate about discussions surrounding politics, equality and LGBT Issues as well as gender dynamics. I have a blog and write there extensively, I also do Youtube videos of a wide variety of topics, primarily related to my personal opinions and views on the world's events, politics and LGBT issues.

On occasion I do public speaking engagements addressing HIV prevention and education, generally to public schools, and at-risk audiences. Not one more person needs to become infected, we have the technology to prevent all future infections, if we just use our common sense!

Currently I am living in southern, coastal Maine with my two small dogs, Nola and Lulu. And I love it here.

I welcome any interaction via email and on social media!

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