ManKinder Network

Content Creation, Business Development, and Community Support in Our World from Southern California, USA

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Joyful Critical Thinkers' Community Network:
Strategies to Strengthen ManKind,
Saving ManKind from Tyranny.

🌎 InterNational Network of Networks 🌍

πŸ‘ Reclaiming the JOY+MUSIC of LIFE! πŸ‘

Content Creation + Business Development,
building + supporting Kinder Communities for ManKind.

A 508(c)(1)(a) Church Ministry dedicated to the advancement of Mankind and its role in the natural and spiritual world.*

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We Assist Affiliated Organizations With:
β€’ Building + Expanding Local + Intentional Communities
β€’ Shared + Promoted Community Calendars
β€’ Networking, marketing, media + event production for Congruent Health+Freedom Organizations
β€’ Establishing Validated Referrals for Membership, maintaining Trust among our Affiliates
β€’ Coordinating with providers of Stealth Strategies: Asset Protection + Financial Security, eg PMA’s + 508’s
β€’ Non-Violent Communication, Human Design, Sociocracy, Holocracy, Candles In the Dark,, etc.: Interpersonal Efficacy Training Methods

We Intend to Co-Create and/or Support:
β€’ Community Venues, Housing Daily+Seasonal Events, Education, Media Production + Distribution. Likely best candidates are existing successful, self-sustaining Farms + Ranches.
β€’ Info- +resource-sharing local+worldwide confidential databases, integrated with Street Team Action: transcending corporate supply chains+disinformation
β€’ Community Conversations: large IRL+online events facilitating positive progress; giant-screen+sound systems available for huge events
β€’ Holistic Music+Media, replacing the toxic β€˜Hollywood System’ eg via
β€’ Trusted Entertainment+News Networks, supplanting MSM 'Mainstream Media'
β€’ Rapid-Response Public Relations+Legal Team(s) providing honest, consistent retorts to MSM disinformation
β€’ Celebration of Movement Heroes: Awards, Events, Tour Circuits

πŸ’» Main Channel:

πŸ’» FreedomCells.Org/members/ManKinder

πŸ’» For TrutherPals FB Chat Group,

β€” Founder’s Personal Skills:
β€’ Fine Art Portrait+Product Photographer
β€’ Tech+Performance Coach
β€’ Media+Event Producer
β€’ About.Me/WIZNU
β€” Michael Wisnieux. πŸ˜‡

β€” EVENTS eg:



2021.05.01 Jacquie Figg/IDP Solutions May Day Pot Luck

2021.03.13 ManKinder Community March Meet

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