ManKinder Network

Content Creation, Business Development, and Community Support in Our World from Southern California, USA

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Joyful Critical Thinkers' Community Network:
Strategies to Strengthen ManKind,
Saving ManKind from Globalism.

🌎 InterNational Network of Networks 🌍

πŸ‘ Reclaiming the JOY+MUSIC of LIFE! πŸ‘

Content Creation + Business Development,
building + supporting Kinder Communities for ManKind.

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β€” Mission Elements: β€”
β€’ Localism + Intentional Communities
β€’ Networking, marketing, media + event production for Congruent Health+Freedom Org’s
β€’ Validated Referrals required for Membership, maintaining Trust among our Affiliates
β€’ Information- and resource-sharing local + international confidential databases, integrated with Street Team Savvy
β€’ Trusted Entertainment + News Networks Built + Supported to Transcend Mainstream Media
β€’ Rapid-Response Public Relations + Legal Team providing honest, consistent retorts to MSM Disinformation
β€’ Non-Violent Communication, Candles In the Dark, etc. Interpersonal Efficacy Training
β€’ Our Movement’s Heroes Celebrated via Music, Awards, Events + Tour Circuits

β€” Balancing: β€”
β€’ Rational + Compassionate Action
β€’ Wisdom + Nurturance
β€’ Justice + Responsibility

πŸ’» Main Channel:

πŸ’» FreedomCells.Org/members/ManKinder

πŸ’» For TrutherPals FB Chat Group,


β€” Founder’s Personal Skills: β€”
β€’ Fine Art Portrait + Product Photographer
β€’ Technology + Performance Coach
β€’ Omnimedia + Event Producer
β€’ Host, Performer, Manager
β€’ About.Me/WIZNU
β€” Michael Wisnieux. πŸ˜‡

β€” a RECENT EVENT example: β€”

03.13 : ManKinder Community March Meet: T.Me/ManKinder/48

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ManKinderNet @ ProtonMail . com

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