Marcella Echavarria

MARCELLA ECHAVARRIA A serial social entrepreneur with 15 years of hands-on, first-hand experience in starting businesses, establishing bridges between cultures and integrating sustainability and profitability, Marcella founded SURevolution in 2005, EGG Peace Products in 2007, and Revista .G in 2000. A branding and marketing expert who creates leading brands and concepts from her acute intuition, strong doses of common sense. A literature and history major at Brown University, Marcella’s experience in the business world is complemented by her work in publishing in the U.S. and Latin America. Marcella has extensive multicultural experience in India, Bolivia, Perú, Indonesia, South Africa, Swaziland, Cambodia, and Colombia, working as a consultant on product development, market trends, and branding, for UNESCO, The International Finance Corporation IFC, CHF International, Artesanías de Colombia, Technoserve, and Carana. She is part of the Interiors Committee of The Color Association of the United States and is a UNESCO board member for Design 21. Her articles and photos are published regularly in Indagare, Daily Candy, Hand Eye, Summus, Travesias, Semana, Avianca, ED from Chile and many other publications and blogs focused on design, fashion, sustainability, good food and new ways of defining luxury. She is currently sharing years of entrepreneurial experience with governments, organizations, publications, universities, and individuals who all share her passion for the handmade world.

203 Grand St. Apt 24

New York, NY 10013, USA

M 646 724 8203