Mariusz Wołoszyn

Software Engineer, Consultant, and Architect in Warszawa, Poland

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Nicknames: Emsi, Kil3r

Some of my works and publications (random order):

BYPASSING STACKGUARD AND STACKSHIELD my article published as Kil3r in Phrack magazine (translations).

Libptp -- still camera communicatio library I started back in 2001. It has number of forks and derived works like libmpt or gphoto2; it's present in this way or another in virtually every desktop linux distribution.

cave-milter -- sendmail milter I wrote

emsiOS -- my own OS (not very successfull to be honest ;)

OpenSClient -- OpenSwan patch for SecureClient Checkpoint interoperability (obsolete)

Fann2MQL -- Neural networks library for MetaTrader (4 and 5) platforms.

Using Neural Networks In MetaTrader -- Article about Fann2MQL and neural networks in MetaTrader.

2012 -- iPhone IOS application I wrote for, the website that I run with friends since 2000 as a hobby.

My GitHub page.

My SourceForge page.

My Blog.

Currently working on privately:

Pips Evolution -- a genetic programming platform for MetaTrader.