Mark Julio

Global Business Development in San Diego, California

The leading authority on all things arcade sticks. Proud owner of the largest arcade stick collection in the world.

Currently I am the Global Business Development Manager for Gaming at Evolution Championship Series – The world’s largest competitive gaming event and experience.

Formerly I worked at Mad Catz for eight years as the Fighting Game Lead and the Global Community & Sponsorship Manager, under the marketing side of the company. My role was to interact gaming communities, gaming companies, events and individuals to help promote the Mad Catz & TRITTON brands along with gaming in general. I worked closely with Twitch to spearhead the Mad Catz Twitch Team Partnership. I also worked closely on the business development side with valued partners such as Capcom, Arc System Works, Bandai Namco Entertainment and many more.

I’m also a proud member of the ‘TEKKEN Project’ team, one of the development teams under Bandai Namco Entertainment. I am based out of San Diego, California. I love the Fighting Game Community (FGC). Leader of the TEKKEN scene. Defender of Arcade Sticks. I believe in YOU. I love video games, sneakers & all things geekmode. Available for gaming, event and industry consultancy.

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    • EVO Championship Series