Mark Joseph Phillips

Fermenter, writer, and musician in Great Barrington, Massachusetts

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If you're here, then chances are you wanted to learn more about me:

I grew up in the Brandywine River Valley of Pennsylvania, spent six years in Philadelphia, and now live in Great Barrington, Massachusetts (with a few things in between). I ferment food, play jazz guitar, and invest myself into my community. I maintain @EarthCultures on Instagram, where I share my own exploration of fermentation as a vehicle for personal, cultural, and planetary transformation. I prepare fermented foods like sauerkraut and miso with love and intention, facilitate meaningful educational experiences on food and fermentation, and contribute business development to Hosta Hill, a growing, local producer of artisan fermented vegetables based in the Berkshires.

I'm also a developing writer figuring out my niche, keenly interested in the question of system change at the intersection of culture, food, economy, and ecology. If there is a meta-theme under which my life is organized, it would perhaps best be described by Thomas Berry's call for a 'mutually-beneficial relationship between humans and the earth,' towards a human culture of reciprocity with all life.

Below is some of my writing on these and other subjects, with more to be found on Medium:

Returning Home to Our Place in the Cosmos | Kosmos Journal

Unlocking the Potential of Place in the Brandywine Valley | Capital Institute

Tamar Grow Local - Organizational Profile for the Capital Institute's Field Guide to a Regenerative Economy

I am always interested in writing and research opportunities, so please reach out if you have a project you might be interested in collaborating on. At the present moment, I am specifically interested in contributing to research projects around farm viability and food system development in the context of regenerative agriculture, carbon farming, and agroforestry in the northeast United States.

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