Marshall Hawkins

Marshall Hawkins, a dentist and hobby farmer based in Natchez, Mississippi, has his hands in a range of diverse entrepreneurial projects. After earning his DDS from LSU Medical Center in New Orleans, he practiced general dentistry in Vidalia, Lousiana, for 24 years. Presently Dr. Hawkins works as a locum tenens. In addition to his regular work as a dentist, Marshall Hawkins serves as a general dental consultant and fills in as a substitute dentist in the Pineville area when needed. Hawkins also serves as Dental Liaison to the dental equipment repair firm, Handpiece Pro. Presently, Hawkins serves as the CFO of MarLynn Farms, which is currently the location for the combination horse ranch and bed and breakfast, Horse owners can board their animals and stay in a barn apartment overnight at MarLynn Farms. As an avid reader and writer, Hawkins writes and publishes the e-zine "Skippy's Heads Up,” and has been doing so since 2002. He is also a supporter of the Catholic Charities' program The Guardian Shelter for Battered Families.