Marty McFly

- I'm a medical student black hair. black eyes.
- I'm an optimist. I'm happy most of the time.
- I sing. I play guitar. I Dance.
- When i discover somethin', i tend to obsess about it
- I really can't spell to save my life!
- I'm useless at remembering pretty much anything
- I hate clubbing!!
- I really dont like smoking, drugs and silly drunk people
- I'm not so good at playing guitar, but I can do what I need to and I try hard
- I love to write lyrics and sing
- Infact i think i just love things that are generally obscure
- I DONT CARE! is probably the phrase that pops out of my mouth the most XD. And it's very true aswell mostly.
I'm not normal Yet I'm nice. But don't cross me! I don't care what you think. Or say. or do. Think you know me ? I will proove you wrong! I love music. I like walking. And big open spaces. I despize liers. Cheaters. Fake people. Scene kids. But that doesn't make me a hater. I don't do guilt . I have very little conscience. And i'm stubborn. When i need to be.... I regard those as good traits. People love me. People hate me. But at the end of the day that doesn't matter. I know who i am. Fullstop.