Mary J Hanley

Social Media Coach & Trainer in Chicago, Illinois

Are you overwhelmed by the number of online platforms to promote your business? And confused by words such as SEO or inbound marketing?

Or, are you looking to become a Virtual Assistant, work from home, make your own schedule, and still be successful?

Either way, I can help you.

Hi. I’m Mary. A social media consultant, trainer, and speaker who specializes in assisting business owners leverage the power of the almighty internet to build their businesses; and a VA Coach.

From your website and blog, to an array of social media platforms, I can steer you in the right direction. Or, I can help steer your path away from the grind of your 9-5 and toward something that is fulfilling and focuses on your own area of interest and utilizes your skills and talents.

In both my consulting and coaching work, I take a “one-thing-at-a-time” approach, breaking down a complicated process or goal into manageable and attainable steps.

Email me now to schedule your free consultation and determine how I can help you market your business or start your very own.