Mary O'Connor

Piano Teacher, Webmaster, and Musician in Fairfax, Virginia

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My name is Mary O'Connor (AKA MaryO). I'm a pituitary Cushing's Disease survivor AND a kidney cancer (Renal Cell Carcinoma) survivor. Because of my Cushing's experiences, I created a website, message boards and more for other people dealing with the same issues.

I am the Director of Communications at my church in Fairfax, VA and also the webmaster for the Tom O'Connor Group.

I teach piano, organ and electric keyboard at the O'Connor Music Studio in Fairfax, VA. In addition to playing piano, organ, handbells and tenor recorder, I recently started learning to play the balalaika and am in the Washington Balalaika Society Orchestra!

A few years ago, I inherited Power Surge and spent time upgrading the message boards as well as creating a blog to house some of the info from the original website.

I must be a Super-Woman...NOT!


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