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Instagram marketing in Sverige

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I will help you understand the ins and outs of Digital Marketing and how YOU can use it to your favor in order to attract more leads and also converting those leads into paying customers💰

What I do are the following...

🚀 Relating to Growth and Increased Sales:

► Disappointed in the sales made from social media?

► Worried about not being able to produce good or enough content?

► Frustrated with not growing your accounts as fast as you would have hoped?

► Concerned about how to grow your brand with social media?

✅ You are not alone. I help and educate companies and influencers on how to increase their visibility and converting followers into paying customers. This is mainly done through our FB community group and through IG engagement groups. I also take on the role as Content Manager to either manage or create a content and marketing strategy plan.

🎙 Relating to Lectures on Social Media:

► Disappointed of paying money for a lecturer that doesn’t give you the “How to”?

► Worried about the information being too complicated?

► Frustrated with the same old inspirational speeches?

► Concerned about not learning anything new?

✅ Most people are. I give my audience key elements on how to grow their accounts without having to spend any extra money. They will leave with a strategy plan that can be implemented straight away. And I offer the chance to join a free forum of likeminded individuals to help them grow and earn even more insight to marketing strategies on Instagram.

🔎 I am currently looking for new companies (preferably in Sweden) that want to expand and prosper through Instagram as well as opportunities to hold lectures 🎙 on Content Management and Instagram. If you are interested - email me! 📫

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Specialties: Instagram, Social Media, Marketing, Copywriting, Business Development, Bartering, Creative Coaching, Sales and Salestraining, Content Creation, CSR, Carreer Coaching, Project Management, eCommerce, Toastmastering, Public Speaking and Fundraising.

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