Matt Perelstein, EQ dude!

Teacher, Developer, and Instigator in Fort Bragg, California

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I believe many of our most pressing social problems today -- crime, violence, suicide, divorce, abuse, addictions, mental health, even war -- are all based on people (mostly men) not knowing how to deal with their feelings and emotions!

EQ can Help!

I want a safer, kinder, more aware, more sane, more loving world, so that's what I'm trying to create. (yeah, it's all about me... and it's all about you, too!)

Please make a commitment to love your fellow man, to be 'good guy', not a bad guy, to reach out, to connect, to love first. to be brave. To respect your own feelings and be empathetic toward others.

Why? Because it works. It works for me, it works for us and it'll work for you, too!

IQ + EQ = LOL !!