Maurice van Wieringen

When I was 13 years old I started designing logo's and editing stock pictures with Photoshop out of boredom, looking for challenges or assignments on the internet. At the age of 14 I won a contest for designing a new logo for a local soccer club. A lady walked up to me after the awards and enthusiastically told me her son had a design company. Not long after that conversation I needed an internship and thus I contacted the son who had a design company. I discovered everything that had to do with designing, advertising, marketing and communications really interested me, so I signed up for a study 'Advertising, Marketing & Communications'.

During my study I did two internships. The first one was at a webshop called Slippery, which sells flip flops. As it was my first internship I learned a lot and figured out online marketing was something I wanted to keep doing.

For my second internship I assisted the Marketing Manager at Paylogic. A web-based system used for selling tickets. After this internship I started my thesis, researching and giving advice about Paylogic's marketing and communications strategy.

At the moment looking for a new challenge!

  • Education
    • Advertising, Marketing & Communications