Max Swahn

Student, Engineer, and Fitness Enthusiast in Pittsburgh, PA

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Max Swahn is a recent graduate from the University of Pittsburgh, Swanson School of Engineering. He earned a BSE in Industrial Engineering, specializing in Engineering Management. He loves analyzing a problem and using organization and technical skills to solve it. During his time at Pitt, he spent time working in the nanoproduct lab where he learned real world skills.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Max enjoys weightlifting. Beginning in college, Max got involved with bodybuilding and realized how much he loved the routine and regimented schedule it required. Weightlifting became a way for Max to push himself further.

Living in Pittsburgh, PA for the last four years, Max realized how much the city had to offer. From different workout classes to community outreach options, there's always something to do. Click the Foursquare link below to check out some of his favorite places in Pittsburgh.

  • Education
    • Univ of Pittsburgh - Swanson School of Engineering