Maytee Steven Garpot

Maytee Steven Garpot is a Thai American born and raised in southern California. He spent a majority of his life in Riverside going to school and college. He is a lover of movies and music. His tastes are very eccentric, ranging from Alternative rock to K-pop. In his twenties being a fan of Anime, from 2003-2005 he worked as a self-entrepreneur selling Anime related items on eBay. Items sold included posters, walks scrolls, DVDs, CDs, books...etc. From 2006-2008 he was part of Garpot Studio as a videographer shooting events within the drift scene and Hollywood nightlife. He would sometimes spend 3 nights a week filming club footage returning at 5 in the morning just sleep during the day to prepare for the next night. In September 2008 Maytee made a decision for a life change and moved to Bangkok, Thailand. For 2 months he worked part-time in a restaurant in Silom. It wasn't until a faithful bus ride he met a bus fee collector who recommend him to become an English teacher. With nothing to lose and remembering a British man suggested a school he worked at, he took a chance. He landed a job the next day at Whiz Kidz School as an assistant. It was late November 2008. On the night of New Years Eve 2008 tragedy struck. To celebrate a new beginning to a new life, he and his brother decide to hit the club in the old Garpot Studio fashion. However "Santika", the club they chose almost lead to their demise. Shortly after midnight a fire broke out in the club. 66 people were kill by stampede, smoke inhalation, or by injuries suffered by burns. Maytee was separated from his brother during the panic. Luckily his brother was able to find a safe place in a restroom to endure the fire until fighters put it out. Maytee managed to escape by remembering the club's other exits. Once outside he was rushed to the ER to be treated for 2nd to 3rd degree burns. A few days later he was transferred to Siriraja Hospital's Burn Unit, which is considered on of the best in Southeast Asia. He spent 6 weeks there being treated for smoke inhalation and burns to 22% of his body. On February Friday the 13th 2009 he was released. His first destination was Whiz Kidz School. Fortunately the owners of the school gave him a chance to work even-though the 1 1/2 month layoff and things like his burn scars could scare the children. He went to work the very next day on Valentines Day. He now works full-time as an English teacher at Whiz Kidz, his true calling in life. The End?