Eastern America

I'm looking for someone to DUO in bot lane. I like to discuss the approach of the lane before minions spawn or in champion select. I am a very patient player, but I play very aggressively when the time permits.

Just like yourself, I am a League of Legends player who is looking for a friend to learn, grow, and share experiences together. I started league truly in February 2013. I feel age doesn't matter, but I won't give it out here. I am open to constructive criticism. A friend, who is DIAMOND, was very harsh when teaching me the moralities of this game, and thus I am as well. I do not play blame games with people, and I'm very quick to block someone if I feel they will have an effect on my mentality and gameplay.

I started playing rank in July 2013, and achieved BRONZE 1, and stopped playing rank in September 2013. I stopped playing rank in hopes to learn from my friends, who ranged from SILVER to DIAMOND, things that I couldn't teach myself. I've gained a lot of knowledge from everyone who helped me, and thus my play-style reflects it.

To wrap everything up, I just ask that you do not judge me by my the BRONZE rank I hold, but by my actions on the rift. Hopefully, I can find someone willing to learn with me and become an unstoppable duo like all of the buds I have now! HAPPY LEAGUING, SUMMONERS!