Md Mazharul Islam

Technical SEO analyst and Blogger

Howdy, I’m Md Mazharul Islam. I am a technical SEO analyst and a blogger. I have completed BSc engineering degree in technical subject. I am a fan of technology, entrepreneurship, and blog writing. I’m also interested in education, DIY, poultry tools, acoustic and soundproof materials, etc.

* My Projects:

1. Mr Brand Web (blog site)

2. Mr Sound Noise (tips and guidelines for making an area soundproof)

3. Poultry Idea (tips and guidelines for using poultry tools for better poultry farm and hobby)

* Specialization:

1. DIY Tools (do it yourself of any process if possible)

2. Industrial Instruments (tools that are required for production purposes)

3. Acoustic Elements (sound-absorbing and reducing particles that are helpful in our living area)

4. Mechanical Parts (A mechanical machine is the combination of various metal parts)

5. Manufacturing Process (the way for producing any product or value for the end-user.)

6. Lean Manufacturing (used for quick development of a system)

7. Ergonomics and Safety

8. Time and stress management

10. Reliability Engineering

11. Production System Design and Control

12. Productivity

13. Process Development

14. Operation research of any technical term.

15. Material Handling etc.

16. Website, domain, hosting, affiliate marketing, etc.

* Graduation Thesis during University Study:

[Topic: Inventory control of raw materials by applying proper forecasting technique: an exploratory analysis and case study.]

* Certification During Student Life:

English Language (Aptech)

* Extra-Curricular Activities:

Online Research, Project Fair, etc.

* My Goal:

To help others (who want to change their life for better conditions) by providing technical information.


  • Work
    • Technical SEO analyst
  • Education
    • Bsc Engineering